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Our Background

Doc’s Custom Crank Baits started producing lures in 2014. We were looking for an advantage in walleye fishing tournaments within our local club, with baits like no other. Soon our lures started to get to notice, people who wanted the same edge of customized bait in competition and in recreational fishing. Now, we have so many more patterns and lure types, ranging in patterns from “Pennywise” (which was thought up one day over the table and the crew quickly got to work, producing the new pattern by the next day) to “Electric Monkey Puke”. Our lures range from Crankbaits, Crawler Harness Blades, Dodgers, Flashers, Spoons and even experimenting with painting a reel. We strive to offer a custom painting experience, making your dream lure into reality, often discussing such lures over texts, sending pictures of what the lure looks like so far, and allowing the orderer to add or change it, through our hands.