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Bandit Walleye Deep 6 Pack!

Bandit Walleye Deep 6 Pack!

THIS is what every walleye angler has been itching for, a custom do-it-yourself lure blank bundle full of blank Bandit Walleye Deeps ready to be painted! We received countless requests from loyal fans in search of original lure blanks for the Bandit Walleye Deep and boy did we deliver. The Bandit Walleye Deep has become THE lure for walleye trolling all over the world due to its quick dive angle and perfect side-to-side wobble.  Each bundle comes packaged in a Bait School resealable clear bag and contains: six blank lure bodies, hooks, split rings, 3D eyes, and all the stock packaging materials needed. We built this bundle for the true Walleye Deep enthusiast who wants the absolute edge on the fish or the competition, and we did so at an incredible value to YOU the consumer!

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